Custom Clocks

Handcrafted Grandfather and Grandmother Clocks.
Let Kauffmans custom craft a clock for you that will be a family heirloom for generations.

You can design your own Treasured handcrafted Heirloom clock or below are some examples of customized clocks that were handcrafted for some of our customers. All of our Grandfather and Grandmother clocks are individually signed and numbered.

You may choose from one of our sample clocks below, as a base model for your new handcrafted clock. You may use the entire custom clock, or just a few ideas from the sample clocks.

Handcrafted Grandfather Clocks (Signed and Numbered)

Handcrafted Grandmother Clocks (Signed and Numbered)

Hand painted Dials

Have a custom dial hand painted for your treasured handcrafted Grandfather and Grandmother Clock. Design your own Dial, you may use any combination of colors and corner styles. You can design your own, or below are a few examples of some dials that were hand painted for other clients.

Hand painted Moons

We also hand paint moons, if you look above at the hand painted dials you will see some examples of how the moons Coincide with the dials. You may choose from one of the examples of our moons below or we can design a moon from your own design, or we can work off any picture, postcard, drawing, ect…