Kauffman’s Handcrafted Clocks

Specializes in Grandfather and Grandmother clocks that are customized and handcrafted from the finest solid woods: Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany, Quarter Sawn Oak, Tiger or Curly Maple, and other exotic woods.

Welcome to Kauffman's Handcrafted Clocks, located in the heart
of Amish Country in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

History Of Business

We are a small company and have been handcrafting custom clocks since 1981. Come and talk to the craftsman who designs and builds your clock.

One of a kind handcrafted mantle clock

Saplee Mahogany Mantle Clock
Saplee Mahogany overlaid with Australian Lace wood


Most Popular Products

  • Cherry Wall

    wall clock


  • Oak Grandson


  • Cherry Mantle

    mantle clock


  • Tiger Maple Mantle

    mantle clock


  • Tiger Maple Wall

    wall clock


  • Cherry Wall

    cherry wall clock


  • Tiger Maple Wall

    quartz brass


  • Quarter Sawn Oak

    mantle clock


  • Quilt Clock

    quilt clock


Customization Process

Kauffman’s Grandfather and Grandmother Floor or Tall Case Clocks are individually handcrafted from the finest solid woods – and are individually signed and numbered. There are several different options available on all our Grandfather and Grandmother clocks, such as raised panels on the sides, glass in waist sides, solid waist door, fluted columns in waist corners, oval sunburst inlays, etc…

Hand Painted Dials and Moons

Have a custom dial hand painted for your treasured Grandfather or Grandmother clock. Design your own Dial, you can use any combination of colors and corner styles...

handcrafted dial
custom moon


  • “ Dear Mr. & Mrs. Kauffman, We want you both to know how much we are enjoying our Grandfather clock. We do appreciate skill and attention to detail. It will make a fine heirloom for our family. It has been a wonderful experience doing business with you both. . ”

  • “ Dear Mr. Kauffman, We LOVE our Grandfather clock! You did a perfectly beautiful job! The cabinetry is so carefully handcrafted - we show it to everyone. Every single time it chimes it makes me feel happy inside, and it's all because of your wonderful talent. The clock will be special to us always, and thereafter to our future generations. Devon, PA ”

  • “Dear Mr. & Mrs. Kauffman, What can I say? The clock has arrived & is too beautiful!! I have to keep walking past it to have another look. It arrived in perfect condition and the hand painted dial and moon wheel was even more beautiful than we ever expected. The clock is ticking away and we are experimenting with the different chimes. We like them all. Fairfield, CT ”